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Welcome to our new TwinZ Design's website page where you will find all the information related to our company and the products we design, develop and manufacture for the different car models we work on.

We will keep working on improving this page, so it will fill all your needs related to what we do for you and your car. If you feel like recommending something to add, please let us know!

If you have any inquiry you can also contact us through this site and we'll reply shortly.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Showroom News

Showroom Gallery has been updated!

Our Showroom is not only a place to see and download hi-res pics of the cars we feature there, but it's also a great tool to find detailed info on the parts installed on them, where you can navigate through the listings and learn more about our products to make your purchase if desired!

We just added most of our demo cars and a few customer cars. We plan to keep adding more pics and cars in the future!

Colton Sober TwinZ Design 300ZX

VIDEO: Colton Sober's 300ZX interview by Larry Chen / Hoonigan

A very nice interview to Colton Sober and his TwinZ Design 300ZX Twin Turbo. One of the best and most beautiful builts around with nothing but TwinZ Design parts for the exterior modifications.

This video feature by Larry Chen / Hoonigan let you appreciate the quality, fitment and attention to detail on every single part of this car, aswell as to know a little more about this amazing built.

twinz supra diffuser installation

INSTALLATION GUIDE: Type 1 Rear Diffuser for Toyota Supra MKIV

In this installation guide you will find all the steps and information to install the TwinZ Design Type 1 diffuser on the Toyota Supra OEM rear bumper.